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If you are a straight single woman I would be happy to chat to you! To sum up I am an easy going thirty-something who enjoys listening to good music, watching good films, eating good food in interesting surroundings, drinking good wine in the company of friends and family, making people laugh, having people make me laugh, talking about a stimulating mixture of ground breaking issues and complete nonsense until the early hours, and sleeping in on Sunday morning.

I'm currently a 3D artist well on my way to getting her dream job one day working for Pixar's.

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Well basically I'm fun loving, spontaneous and would try anything once!! I returned back to the UK in March this year after living in New Zealand for the past 17 tears. I enjoy all the normal stuff everyone else says like going out to eat, cinema, theatre, bowling, go karting, theme parks, museums, art galleries, pretty easy going as long as it's not too scary, am a bit of a wuss sometimes.