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We’ve been together four years, we met when I first came in.We were in developmental together we were actually on the road together and started dating on TV.My impression of entertainment wrestling was that is was completely… My boys have taught me a lot about today's WWE, but what would you say are some of the stereotypes that you would like a larger African-American audience to reconsider?

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Lucky for me, I share a place with a 9 and 7-year-old who study the WWE with the intensity of molecular biologists.

They've dedicated their very existence to dissecting the comings and goings, winnings and losings, history and certain future of the remarkably profitable wrestling-as-soap-opera, 40 year old entertainment franchise. Ultimately, Mean Mother doesn't agree to the kids watching (instead I get curiously sucked into a particularly good episode), but comes one better with the offer of us interviewing the Funkadactyls together. The Funkadactyls, silly, are also known as the 2012 freshman class, dance-turned-tag team consisting of "Naomi" (Trinity Mc Cray) and "Cameron" (Ariane Andrew) and you can mostly find them flanking their homeboys, superstar wrestlers Broadus Clay aka The Funkasaurus and Tensai aka Sweet T; together they all make up a fight crew called "Planet Funk." The WWE is full of over-the-top names and characters, no ridiculousness is spared, yet it's important to know that the brute force and athleticism on display is also choreographed improvisation, if you will, one that follows a very real story line. How exactly do two young Black women make their way to the WWE?

Trinity Mc Cray: At the time I was dancing for the Orlando Magic, I had been there two years.

AA: We actually do have action figures that are supposed to come out in September.