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One of my favorite scents that I've ever come across.

For me it's a personal thing, it's very nostalgic because this was very popular when I was in high school, it conjures up a lot of great memories.

I would debate the statement that it would not upset anyone. At first, I would've never picked myself to be a Hugo Boss fan, but then I smelt this, and my goodness am I glad I did!

Quite a masculine scent that, really, could be used in almost any situation. I still have half of a bottle from 2006, just bought another bottle now 2016..

رایحه لاوندر تو این عطر بیشتر اون حس گل لاوندر رو داره که یه حس گلی ملایم و آرامش بخش به همراه یه حس تمیزی و صابونی مانند ملایم به عطر میده. its more of a spring fragrance type, but it still doesnt suit warm clothing. so energetic, and powerful that its better to use it during the summer on days where youre outside all day.