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September is definitely the best period of the year to visit Bologna: warm, not too hot.

If you are not convinced yet, please read ten reasons to attend PIMRC2018.

I didn’t bring the remote in there, as it doesn’t appear to be waterproof. But all I could think was “no fucking way, this has NEVER happened before.” It lasted for about 1 minute and a half, tapering off as slowly as it came to me.

I just put it in random mode and enjoyed a long, hot, steamy shower. After it subsided, all I could do was just stand there. ” So I finished my shower and dried myself with a towel.

Starting at low, which feels almost nonexistent, to high, which nearly vibrates my balls off! So, if my math is correct, that’s 72 DIFFERENT combinations to choose from! Even the most stubborn prostate will orgasm with joy over this little guy. During my 3rd solo massage, I was laying on my back in bed.