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RADIUS servers are currently defined by RFC 2865 (RADIUS) and RFC 2866 (Accounting), and listen on either UDP ports 1812 (authentication) and 1813 (accounting) or ports 1645 (authentication) and 1646 (accounting) requests.

RADIUS servers exist for all major operating systems.

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The Microsoft RADIUS implementation can use Active Directory for user credentials.

For details on Microsoft RADIUS server configurations, refer to Microsoft documentation.

The RADIUS user database is commonly an SQL or LDAP database, but can also be any combination of: When a configured user attempts to access the network, the Forti Gate unit will forward the authentication request to the RADIUS server which will match the username and password remotely.

Once authenticated the RADIUS server passes the authorization granted message to the Forti Gate unit which grants the user permission to access the network.

Some major vendors, such as Microsoft, have published their VSAs, however many do not.

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