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She told me her name was Victoria, but that everyone called her She then told me what she did for a living having first worked behind a bar after university, before moving into middle management doing dreary paper work for a large hotel, pub, and restaurant chain. It was clear she was depressed and unhappy and wanted to talk. Her obesity had ruined any hopes of a meaningful relationship. I work for a company which is pioneering medical research and development.

Before long she was almost sobbing her heart to me. Our researchers recently made some huge breakthroughs in obesity and body modification without resorting to surgery, dieting or drugs.

In that dimension time and space do not exist as we know them.

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Moreover, normally we ask for a substantial financial deposit as a guarantee that a recruit will stick with the Program for its entire duration. m pleased to say that we may be prepared to waive that requirement, if you will sign the appropriate consents and assignments agreeing to all our special terms and conditions which have to insist on in your circumstances.

II must warn you that membership of the Program is a long term commitment and you must be prepared to assign a significant amount of control of your life to the Company, and to myself, as I will be your direct Supervisor.

A particular advantage is that the implants can be switched on or off allowing easy removal of the material when necessary.

Its porous structure allows whatever it covers to These developments led directly to the invention of a series of female chastity devices.

To time-hop effectively, access is required to one of an infinite number of dimensions which exist in parallel with our own. The universe we occupy, for example, has the attributes of space-time, matter and energy.