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“They have to remind me of it and I go, ‘Are you sure? It’s not about the guest stars, it’s about the family. Right, but speaking of guest stars, what can you tell me about Taye Diggs’ character? I don’t want it to become Cookie has a love interest all the time because then it becomes about a woman needing a man. What does that take for a woman to survive those kinds of conditions?

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“I have no idea," the Fox actress answered during the telecast. Until you hear it from me, it’s false." But the Oscar nominee still couldn’t stop giggling after her huge denial.

The brunette bombshell is notoriously private when it comes to dating, so it’s unsurprising she isn’t shouting about her possible beau from the rooftops.

Actor/author Hill Harper used to date two of Hollywood’s top YBF actresses. Now, Hill is dishing on his past high-profile relationships on an upcoming episode of TVOne’s “Unsung.” The Harvard graduate, who landed on PEOPLE magazine’s World’s Most Sexiest Men list twice, talked about his romance with “Taraji Henson and I were in a relationship for about a year and a half, two years. Just because you’re in a healthy great relationship that ends doesn’t means it wasn’t successful or it was a failure.

She spent so many years of her career fighting to be exactly where she has positioned herself. Taraji's baby daddy is her former boyfriend, William Lamar Johnson. William was Henson's high school sweetheart but their relationship went downhill after Marcell was born.

Does Taye Diggs have a quick appearance, or is he a bigger character that we’ll see again? What’s happening is that Cookie is trying to separate herself. Although she has to run the company, she’s trying to find herself separate from him. The love of her life broke her heart at the end of last season and she didn’t see that coming. What are your goals for Cookie going forward this season and beyond? We’ve hinted at it with those little flashbacks, but I really want to dig into what it takes for someone to come out of an institution and not have it break her. [] I literally try to squeeze every single human emotion into her in every episode. I came here to work, and to fall in love over and over again with this craft that I love and studied.