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Phillips is 32 year old defensive end who took a contract of a million dollars last year.He was a one year fix for the Broncos last season and would likely be a one to two year solution somewhere else this year for the same price.Look for this 28 year old baller to sign for somewhere around eight million a season.

They will evaluate him for exactly what he is worth.

If Orakpo’s payout number is unreasonable, he won’t be the answer in free agency If we don’t pay 98, a bad ass defensive could work as well or better for the Redskins than an outside linebacker.

While it has been nearly impossible for teams to run the ball at his side, 94 established his self as one of the most elite pass rushers of all time playing in the 3-4. The solution to the most important position on the Redskins defense might very well be paying a very good defensive end much less money than Orakpo simply because he is not considered the TOP free agent at his position.

The Skins could also pay a great defensive end close to the same about as they would pay Orakpo and conceivably get better results in the pass rush.

I evaluated six guys on their potential skillset helping the Washington Redskins vs. One of the glaring deficiencies in the Redskins defense was their ability to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks.