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Many believed that it also showed the inexperience of the party’s legislators and its leaders, and the latter’s inability to read the former.

Communication appears to be a major problem for the AKP.

Turkey had waged a long struggle against its domestic Kurdish separatists, and many in the AKP feared that the United States would use the war to support the establishment of an independent Iraqi Kurdish state. All of the above concerns were at play, when, on March 1, 533 out of 550 Members of Parliament were present to vote on the resolution authorizing the U. deployment of 62,000 troops to Turkey and the “foreign deployment” of an unspecified number of Turkish troops to an unspecified place (Iraq).

The AKP also has Kurdish members, and they reportedly were concerned about possible Turkish military operations against their Iraqi Kurdish ethnic kin under the umbrella of a U. The opposition CHP, ideologically nationalist as well as opportunistically negative, exercised party discipline and voted as a bloc to reject the resolution.

A memorandum of understanding was said to have dealt with Turkish troops in northern Iraq and their coordination with U. To govern effectively, the AKP needs to mend strains and rebuild its political standing.