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He had a series of relationships with women of inferior birth, and failed to launch himself as a responsible mature adult male capable of managing a career, his money and mature relationships.He was sent off to a military post in India so that he would not be present when his illegitimate child with an underparlour maid dies in childbirth.Bellamy MC (1881 – October 1929) is the son of Richard and Lady Marjorie Bellamy and the brother of Elizabeth.

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As a young man he won a scholarship to Cambridge University, where he excelled.

In 1880, he married the wealthy Lady Marjorie Talbot-Carey and became a Conservative MP. Richard has an older brother named Arthur (John Nettleton), who bullied Richard as a child.

The class divide between James and Hazel causes early conflicts with Hazel's parents, the Bellamys' staff and in the marriage.

In the early months of 1914 Hazel suffers a miscarriage which sends her into an extended depression.

He returned to England with a middle class fiance, putting pressure on the underparlour maid to find another situation.