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(It will go on many seasons as long as it continues to do well.

We're only up to her early 30's now.) In it Queen Elizabeth appears to be irritated by everything going to shit around her--the prime minister resigning, her sister on all the front pages of the tabloids, her mother always on her case. And Phillip, her husband, stares her down and asks her if it occurs to her that she has people in her life who are there for her no matter what. I think Elizabeth has grown tremendously as she's aged, and learned a lot in particular since Diana's death.

When love becomes too much to bear because either the person you love or someone around who you love is making you miserable, everyone must eventually make a tough choice.

That wonderful University of Phoenix ad plays again.

This is a toxic relationship no matter how much you love the children and it's never going to change. When viewing Ashley's outburst on the RV trip afterward, she calls Ashley "over-dramatic." She's outrageous.