Who is ed hartwell dating now

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They received a $2.9 million dollar adjustable rate mortgage on the property and two years later the home was foreclosed due to default.

The Hartwells ran several businesses including a real estate firm, a jewelry line, a t-shirt line, and a women’s clothing store.

it appears that Hartwell was engaged to ANOTHER WOMAN.

The snitch explained: Now here is where it gets juicy.

According to the snitch, Keshia was able to get Ed to dump his ex, by lying about how he would be able to live a LAVISH LIFESTYLE with her. It would have been if she had the money to back he words. The snitch reveals: Once Keshia stopped TRICKING OFF on her husband, he hit her with them papers. Ed once made millions in the NFL playing for several teams from 2001 – 2004.

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