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Her troubled childhood soon led to substance abuse and a wild reputation, however, which negatively impacted her career for many years.In 1995, Barrymore founded Flower Films, and has since regained success as a talented actress, model and producer."I can't stand when people want to talk on the phone all the time, or text, or email." Will and Drew have two daughters together Drew and her ex-husband Will were married for three years; their divorce was finalised last summer.

In 2016, it was reported that the couple had decided to part ways.

Drew Barrymore has confessed that she is still "in shock" following her divorce from Will Kopelman. "My girlfriends are on it so it is fun for me to look over their shoulder," she said.

At 13, an enraged Barrymore became violent when she was unable to throw her mother out of the house.

She was placed in a rehabilitation center, and later wrote of the experience in her autobiography, In 1994, Barrymore entered into a short-lived marriage to bar owner Jeremy Thomas at age 19.

Drew Barrymore was born Drew Blythe Barrymore on February 22, 1975, in in Los Angeles, California.

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