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He has been married three times to Tricia Fisher, Donna Windsor and Laurel Thomas. He arrived in a red sports car and later brought his dad Albert to the village.

In 1997, Marlon helped out Barry Clegg, the husband of Zak's love Lisa, with his rocket and even suggested his cousin Butch to be Barry's co-pilot when Lisa refuses.

He went to stay with Kathy for a couple of days and then had to live in a caravan, but in the days that followed, Butch began a vendetta against his cousin, hoping to drive Marlon out of the village; using various underhand tactics, such as throwing a rock through Marlon's caravan window, digging a hole for Marlon to fall into (complete with a cross) and overturning the caravan with him inside, but Marlon wouldn't budge.

He looked for a room to rent with his best friend Biff Fowler, but Biff, who felt smothered by his landlady Betty Eagleton, wanted to find somewhere else to live.

Marlon later started working at Kathy Glover's establishment - tea rooms at day and wine bar at night, which is when he first showed his cooking skills.