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Kevin Palmer Gary Neville believes Jose Mourinho needs to spend the final weeks of this campaign preparing for next season, after claiming the Portugese tactician needs to bring the Premier League title back...

Liam asked what game, and stammering, Wyatt said he was sure there was a game on that day. Wyatt repeated Katie's first name, and Liam asked if it was Katie Logan. Wyatt tried to explain why he and Katie had kept it a secret.

Hope didn't like what Steffy had done, but Hope didn't want things to fall apart on the baby. Thorne called Brooke magnificent, and Katie appeared to give Brooke the side-eye. Maya was on her way down the outside stairs that led to the balcony. Thorne was telling Katie that her man didn't understand what a beautiful and sophisticated woman she was. On Katie's balcony, Wyatt opened the curtains and peered through the telescope.

Eric called everyone together to raise a glass to Ridge and Brooke. The song "Destiny Appears," performed by Meredith La Marche, played over a montage of wedding events. Thorne said Brooke meant a lot to the family and his mother, who'd be smiling that day. He backed away from it when he saw Thorne and Katie kissing.

He joked that he'd almost cried, but Vivienne called him out about the handkerchief he'd put to his eye. Rick couldn't help being happy that his mom was happy. were proud of each other for not giving up and said they were the perfect little family. Later, Katie and Thorne went to dance, leaving Rick with Othello, who noted that Rick hadn't been in the clubs much.