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It’s an explicit tale about two girls who fall in love, and because there are still relatively few high-quality queer stories that make their way into the mainstream, I’m afraid that is beautifully illustrated by French author Julie Maroh.

Cast mostly in somber gray tones, the book’s only distinguishable color comes in the form of Emma’s hair — the confident and talented art student with whom Clementine falls in love.

The first thing you’ll notice about the graphic novel (or at least, the first thing I noticed) was Clementine’s horrible personality: She is an immature 15-year-old schoolgirl, who, in spite of her desire for Emma, still harbors homophobic tendencies.

She is ashamed to admit that she might be gay; she complains to her gay friend, Valentín, repeatedly, and also to her diary, the narration of which constitutes the dialogue in .

When Clementine inexplicably falls ill and dies rapidly, the denouement feels cheap and unearned. Which is a shame, because the artwork is stunning, and I usually love graphic novels. In the movie , Emma and Adèle’s relationship is significantly less dysfunctional.