Whm nameserver ips not updating

Most registrars use a simple form where you enter in the name of the nameserver you wish to create and the corresponding IP address (that we obtained from the steps described above).If Liquid Web registered the domain for you: If you are setting up nameservers for a domain and the domain was purchased as a part of your Liquid Web account you will need to open a new help desk ticket with your request using either your manage login or by e-mailing [email protected]

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For example, if you are setting up ns1.and ns2.testdomain.com, and you purchased from Go Daddy, you would need to login to your Go Daddy account in order to register the new nameservers.

Once you have found the tool/page you need at your registrar’s web site the registration itself is very straightforward.

Click the links to the right for registrar instructions for some of the most popular domain registrars.

Each set of instructions assumes that the following statements are true:).

Most users will want to use a domain name they already own, often the same domain name that is being used for the hostname of the server that will be running the private nameservers.