Whitney houston dating kevin costner

He said in an 1992 interview that “I liked her essence. When she stands up…I think if you remember the first time you ever see Whitney, maybe you can’t isolate where you first saw her, but some people have this thing that comes along every ten years.

WENN The same year the film came out, 1992, Whitney and Bobby got married.

She said in one interview, even before they got married they were trying to have children.

Costner befriended Kasdan, read the script, and in the early '90s, at the peak of his powers, was able to get The Bodyguard the backing it deserved. The bell rang for the next round of fighting when Costner insisted that Houston play the role of Rachael Marron – the diva that hires bodyguard Frank Farmer to protect her. Costner and Kasdan won the argument, and when Houston swept the studio executives off their feet during her screen test, the fighting seemed to end.

Anxiety and antagonism returned, however, when the studio executives, still nervous and reticent about the casting of Houston, suggested to Costner and Kasdan that the movie now include scenes that directly address the black-white dynamic of the relationship.

But there were more than just the ones you see in the final cut.