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They’re not alone in their desire to show support: Evangelical leaders approach me often with whispers to say they love gay people.They say they’re grieved by the way the church has treated sexual minorities and they long to see us move past this—they long to love without qualification.A ministry associate in the Chaplain’s office said they hoped to hire someone to support sexual minorities on campus.

The academic rigor and Christian atmosphere that draw most people there drew me as well.

Sociology is one of the most difficult (but rewarding!

Anxious but earnest, I agreed to sign it after a transparent round of interviews where I highlighted all the reasons that I, an openly gay blogger, might not be the best fit for Wheaton.

The director of human resources said they knew what they were getting into and I was the ideal candidate for a rigorous liberal arts college with a diverse student body expressing a range of needs.

At the time, I was still kind of conservative on sexual ethics: I longed to be a part of communities like Wheaton and I thought a commitment to celibacy was worth it if it meant I could be involved.