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I need to listen to more of Evanescence's material to see if she croons and purrs.

He looked so familiar and the harmonizing parts may be some of the backround vocals of her sisters because if you look in the thank yous and backround vocals section Amy Lee's sisters are mentioned in there.

When I heard about this song, I understood it was about Amy's boyfriend who is a heavy drinker, and she just cannot agree with that, inspiring her to right this song for him.

The unrequited love archetype, as well as the "fed-up woman" archetype ;)I highly recommend the disc.

"My Immortal" was a goth song, this is a nu-metal song (and I mean that in a sound-sense, not in a style sense as numetal is talentless crap and this song isn't)I'm going to diasgree with Sam, Portsmouth, VA because her voice harmonizing is part of the beauty of the song and all of their songs.