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We also excluded meta-analyses of placebo-controlled trials and respective reviews.After exclusion of letters and editorials, we were left with approximately 1,000 papers (or approximately 1% of all papers screened) that discussed different aspects of the PR and/or placebo effects in different medical and psychological subspecialties.Model 3 finally assumes a cognitive decline to occur with senescence that may also affect expectations for help to increase again.

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PR are, however, markedly influenced by the symptom severity at baseline, and by the likelihood of receiving active treatment in placebo-controlled trials. Karger AG, Basel Since the introduction of double-blinded and randomized placebo-controlled trials (RCT) in pharmacology and drug development in the middle of the last century, attempts have been made to identify and characterize patients that respond to placebo application with symptom improvement during an RCT [1].

At the same time, ethical concerns have requested to limit the number of patients exposed to placebo to a minimum and to provide the best treatment available to those seeking health care for acute and chronic conditions [2].

These were predominantly experimental data (exploring the different mechanisms of the PR) and reviews, systematic reviews, re-analyses and meta-analyses of RCT data.

PDFs of these papers were retrieved and stored in an End Note database.

Retrieved papers were sorted for areas and disease categories.