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It has been almost 16 years, but this mistake continues to haunt him even today. Well, that was all due to this infamous black buck poaching case.

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The former Miss World ultimately broke up with Sallu, after he inadvertently admitted that he was unfaithful towards her.

In an interview, Ash even went on to confess that Salman was not able to come to terms with their break-up and would often call and harass her.

Under the full glare of the media, Vivek went on saying how Salman called him 41 times to threaten him. Vivek thought that he had s support from his lady love and Bollywood, but guess what?

Ash was not happy and is said to have found her boyfriend’s behaviour very immature.

On the night of September 28, 2002, Salman’s Toyota Land Cruiser allegedly ran over five people sleeping on the footpath outside American Express Bakery on Hill Road in Bandra, killing one and injuring four others.