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The word ‘Zesshoku’ means to fast or to not eat, which in the Japanese dating context, it suggests that a person is absolutely not interested in dating at all.

The ‘Soushoku-kei’ men may want to date but do not pursue it themselves and only respond to calls from a love interest, and the ‘Nikushoku-kei’ men will pursue dating, but the ‘Zesshoku-kei’ men only has interest in platonic relationships and often would only like spending time with others in a group context.

Comfortably wear it all day, or quickly pull it out as needed, whether it’s emergency medicine, surgery, dermatology, neonatology or elsewhere.

“It looks like my vision is compensated with Photoshop,” says neurosurgeon Dr.

This vegetable and meat combination is what symbolises the fact that a ‘roll cabbage’ guy has a good balance of the qualities of the two archetypes. If or when you decide to enter the dating scene in Japan, be aware of the ‘Zesshoku-kei’ people and remember to strived to be a balanced person like a roll cabbage.

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