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However, these bots–delivered in words or 3D graphics–don’t seem to repulse us in some uncanny valley way.So assuming bots continue to prove their worth in critical settings, maybe it is worth considering how they could be designed into the mental health system at large.

Enterprises can start with a simple, scripted version and can evolve over time.

But they need to make sure that the vendor they choose allows them to grow.

An awarded chatbot, the e Gain VA is smart enough to know when to escalate to a human agent.

By providing timely and context-aware escalation to agents, it stops your customers from having to repeat their query, greatly reducing customer frustration and agent anxiety. e Gain Virtual Assistant includes out-of-the-box avatars, multilingual support, knowledge base (KB), and analytics for continuous improvement.

lmgtfy Creates a lmgtfy link poll Starts/stops a poll roll Rolls random number (between 1 and user choice) rps Play rock paper scissors serverinfo Shows server's informations stopwatch Starts/stops stopwatch urban Urban Dictionary search userinfo Shows users's informations Mod: ban Bans user and deletes last X days worth of messages. editrole Edits roles settings filter Adds/removes words from filter hackban Preemptively bans user from the server ignore Adds servers/channels to ignorelist kick Kicks user. mute Mutes user in the channel/server names Show previous names/nicknames of a user reason Lets you specify a reason for mod-log's cases rename Changes user's nickname softban Kicks the user, deleting 1 day worth of messages.