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In 1994, RIM introduced the first Mobitex mobile point-of-sale terminal.

In the same year, RIM received the Emmy Award for Technical Innovation and the KPMG High Technology Award.

Black Berry was founded in 1984 as Research In Motion by Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin. His initial strategy was to subcontract manufacturing to Foxconn, and to focus on software technology.[7] Currently, his strategy includes forming licensing partnerships with device manufacturers such as TCL Communication, and unifying Black Berry's software portfolio.[8] In 1988, RIM became the first wireless data technology developer in North America and the first company outside Scandinavia to develop connectivity products for Mobitex wireless packet-switched data communications networks.

In 1992, Lazaridis hired Jim Balsillie, and Lazaridis and Balsillie served as co-CEOs until January 22, 2012. In 1990, RIM introduced the Digi Sync Film Key Kode Reader.

The Black Berry OS platform and BES continued to increase in functionality—while the incorporation of encryption and S/MIME support helped Black Berry devices gain increased usage by governments and businesses.