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He showed me the script of and I immediately loved it. John had the same feelings I did – do something different.

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I reworked the words, and Jellybean Johnson and I worked up the groove. In social situations with Janet, Rene plays the boisterous extrovert to her introvert, dominating the dinner-table conversation without displaying an overbearing ego. videos, "Again" and "That's the Way Love Goes.""There was pressure to kick off the album with a more spectacular song," Janet says of "That's the Way Love Goes." "But I wanted to go the other way.

I didn't want to break down the door, just slip in through the side.

It was called ' What'll I Do for Satisfaction,' sung by Johnny Daye, a huge talent. It's insulting to be seen as some object; he must call her by name. His demeanor bespeaks a certain Latin aristocracy, even though in he plays the bit part of a hotheaded Hispanic postal worker.

In fact, Otis Redding was getting ready to produce Johnny just before Otis died. It's not a brazen demand – I didn't want to be obnoxious – but I wanted to be clear. Rene's style is California cool: loose jeans, quiet golf shirts, nifty sunglasses. Brimming with ideas and passionately enthusiastic about Janet's creative capabilities, Rene is her staunchest booster.

You could say I've entered a happy phase of sexuality."I urge her to be more specific.