Verizonwireless phone updating

The sound is a notch above that of our previous budget pick (which was itself an obvious standout), with clearer voices and more tuneful and realistic bass.

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After listening to a total of more than 200 portable Bluetooth speakers over the past two years, we think the UE Roll 2 is the best choice for most listeners.

It sounds good and plays loud enough to fill a hotel room, plus its slim, waterproof, rugged design makes it an ideal companion for anything from a luxury hotel stay to a weeklong hiking trip.

The SRS-XB30 delivers much more bass than the Roll 2, so it’s much better for hip-hop, R&B, and rock, and it has enough power to fill an average room with sound.

Its IPX5 water-resistance rating means it can survive rainstorms and poolside splashes, but not long soaks like the Roll 2.

Plus it’s IPX7-rated, which means it’s sufficiently waterproof to survive a half-hour dunking in 1 meter of water.