Vba powerpoint screenupdating false

Every time this code is run, a new PPT is created; what I would like to happen is for new slides to be added in an existing PPT presentation (Active Presentation) instead of a creating a new presentation. Screen Updating = False Dim i As Long Dim wk As Worksheet Dim lastrow As Long Dim pp As Power Point.

Any help is appreciated since i'm not a vba guru yet.

And, the best part is you can use different formats to paste it. Do you have any other method which you use to copy a chart to Power Point?

vba powerpoint screenupdating false-42

, Excel and VBA expert Curt Frye introduces object-oriented programming and shows how to automate routine tasks and provide custom functionality to enhance Excel performance and efficiency.

This course introduces the Visual Basic for Applications programming language, covers creating subroutines and functions to hold code, and provides a solid grounding in the Excel 2007 object model.

It’s like a step-1 and step-2 of a process, you create something (Excel) and then you present it (Power Point).

In this process of data analyzing and presenting, you need to copy your chart from Excel to Power Point which is sometimes can be a brainer. Add(1, 11) '11 = pp Layout Title Only Active Chart.

This will help you to write Optimized VBA Code to fasten your code and build better VBA Macro Applications. Enable Events = False 'Do your Task 'changing combo box combo1.

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