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Clear() ' Get the categories and products information from the database Dim products API As New Products BLL() Dim products As Northwind. Get Products() ' Create the root Site Map Node root = New Site Map Node( _ Me, "root", "~/Site Map Provider/Default.aspx", "All Categories") Add Node(root) ' Create Site Map Nodes for the categories and products For Each product As Northwind. Sql Cache Dependency("Northwind DB", "Products") Dim categories Table Dependency As New _ System. Figure 17: The Breadcrumb Uses the Default Site Map Provider (Click to view full-size image) To have the Site Map Path added in Figure 16 use the custom site map provider we created in Step 6, set its .

Products Row In products ' Add a new category Site Map Node, if needed Dim category Key, category Name As String Dim create Url For Category Node As Boolean = True If product. Category Name End If Dim category Node As Site Map Node = Find Site Map Node From Key(category Key) ' Add the category Site Map Node if it does not exist If category Node Is Nothing Then Dim products By Category Url As String = String. Product Name) Add Node(product Node, category Node) Next ' Add a "dummy" item to the cache using a Sql Cache Dependency ' on the Products and Categories tables Dim products Table Dependency As New _ System. Unfortunately, the Designer continues to use the default site map provider, but if you visit the page through a browser after making this property change you'll see that the breadcrumb now uses the custom site map provider.

, take a moment to view the tutorials website through a browser.

The menu on the left now includes an item for the sole site map provider tutorial.

In this tutorial we'll build a custom site map provider that retrieves its data from the Business Logic Layer, which in turn retrieves data from the database. NET 2.0 s site map feature enables a page developer to define a web application s site map in some persistent medium, such as in an XML file.