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Are you looking for a new cycling goal or adventure?

If you love riding bikes and have a desire to ride further, come and give randonneuring a try. I remarked to friend and fellow rider in my club, Rich Aycock, about “this gravel event in Kansas that was 200 miles.” Like the Tinman in search of a heart, the thought of doing an event in an area I had never been to was intriguing and I started out riding gravel prior to moving to road cycling, so the lure was there as soon as I heard of it.

It would take me a few years to make it to Emporia for my first Dirty Kanza 200.

The time limit includes both riding time as well as off of the bike time.

There is a minimum average of 15kmp (9.5 mph) to 30kmp (18 mph) for each brevet.

I really wanted to do it 2015, but my brevet schedule to qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris did not allow it.