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Black XS features fresh lemon notes, Kalamanzi fruit, tagetes, sage, praline, cardamom, cinnamon, Tou balsam, rosewood, black amber, patchouli and ebony. رایحه : 7.5/10 پخش : 6/10 مانگاری : 6/10 طبق معمول هر عطری که رایحه اش خوبه پخش و دوامش خوب نیست!Black XS was created by Olivier Cresp and Rosendo Mateu. The opening is identical to light blue for women by D&G(2001) and the dry down is lemony, invigorating and sexy. The fragrance is apparent after 8 hours of wear and the projection is huge. پیدا کردن یک عطر خوشبو که پخش و دوامش هم خوب باشه مثل ظهور لیونل مسی در دنیای فوتبال هست. این عطر رایحه اش خوبه و نمیشه به راحتی از کنارش رد شد ولی حیف و صد حیف که اینم پخشش کمه.

For me, it's a nice & pleasant but for me, It didn't really catch any people to turn around and say "Wow" but "that smells nice" So basically...

it's nice ( for the 3rd time I know lol ) I found an old bottle of this while unpacking boxes after a recent house move.

It was beginning to border on being a teeenagers choice, and maybe that's where it's aimed? Just finished mine ( in the winter ) and it's a pleasant one.

Definetely not for a sophisticated and mature male. Nothing crazy but if you like a sweet type of smell ( not overdone but mid level ) with some other notes mixed to make it more masculine, you will enjoy this one.

یا شایدم کم نبوده و بعد از ریفرموله ریدن به فرمولش! Then it becomes a unique sweet/spicy but pleasing scent unique to this fragrance. I may be treading on toes here but it makes me think of a much (much much) sweeter version of Burberry London, one of the winter frag kings.