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I worked in Paris for a few years as an Architect and returned to Cambodia in 2010.

Urban speed dating birmingham

We have established Barangay (Village) Learning Hubs throughout the city where anyone especially students can walk in and have free use of computers with fast internet and printing but for strictly educational purposes.

We have also established School Learning Hubs in the public high schools with the goal of providing each student the computing resources they need in school as well.

Also, I have been part of multiple seminars in the past 6 years, either as participant or an organizer.

Moreover, in 2016, I held a seminar on the topic of urban heritage at the city hall of Phnom Penh.

They include building pedestrian friendly walkways, giving constructive recommendations to the government on regulations and public policies, their social and immediate effect on economic drivers, as well as facilitating training for civil servants.