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I looked at the wiibrew stuff because I wanted to see if it was as good as the homebrew scene that was on the PSP. "How do you know enough to get the homebrew stuff working right, but not enough to realize that firmware updates get rid of that stuff?

Most systems don't even warn you or anything, but Nintendo straight-up tells you when you install, "Don't install this if you have unlicensed software because it might not work after!

In addition, most modern video cards now have HDMI ports, which will allow the use of your PC with most televisions.

There's really no reason nowadays to crack your consoles, especially the friggin' [email protected]: The emulators have pretty bad compatibility.

I mean Wii games still run, but all of the indie stuff on homebrew no longer works. :(Uh, well last spring-ish (2009), I heard about this game Super Mario War Wii and I wanted to play it, so since you can't run anything on your Wii without this homebrew application that Nintendo does not release through retail or Wii Shop, you can't play it.