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This way you won't have to deal with sometimes complicated cell phone unlocking software or void your warranty!

You can upload images to our site and make your own wallpapers. All pictures are grouped by colour, size and keywords, and also you can sort all screensavers for Sony-Ericsson W810i by popularity or date of their adding to our collection.

There hasn’t been any phone unlocking software found that can unlock the Sony Ericsson W810i for free.

All you have to do is simply download the rar file, extract it to a folder and run Phone XS. Also, Phone XS 2.10 Alpha 5 (apparently no changes for the w810i)

What's Included: -The W810i_CDA102494_2_EUROPE_2 customization pack (modified to work with America 2) -W810_R4DB005_FS_AMERICA_2_RED49 flash file (not newest firmware, but the better one, removes hiss completely) -W810_R4DB005_MAIN_GENERIC_HN_CID49 main file (not newest firmware, but the better one, removes hiss completely) -Latest Qwerty's acoustics file (has Mega Bass working) -Zuzu 3 Camera driver (better picture quality? Im using the v2.1 acoustic drivers, overall, im in love, however, the only drawback is background noise during playback and volume for headphones and speaker is too high for me.

Features Hoewel de W810i niet op kan tegen een smartphone als het op features aankomt, beschikt deze telefoon toch nog wel over enkele features die het leven gemakkelijker maken. In eerste instantie zul je denken, oh, een twee megapixel camera, wat kun je daar nu nog mee, maar toch heeft deze camera me enkele keren geholpen.