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A customer initiated BIN file works in a similar way, where the SYMAPI infrastructure that resides on the service processor allows the customer to interface with the Symmetrix to perform these changes.

During this process, the scripts verify that the customer configurations are valid and then perform the changes and make the new configuration active.

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Some EMC folks have capitalized on the BIN file as to the personality it brings to the Symmetrix, while the EMC competition always uses it against them as it introduces complexities in the storage environment with management and change control.

Personally I feel a Symmetrix wouldn’t be a Symmetrix if the BIN file weren’t there.

Over the years with introduction of SYMAPI and other layered software products, now seldom is EMC involved in the upgrade process.

Hardware upgrades BIN File changes typically have to be initiated and performed by EMC, again these are the hardware upgrades.

Always run all necessary Sym CLI / SMC / ECC scripts for changes from a server in your local environment.

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