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Mobile Wi MAX (originally based on 802.16e-2005) is the revision that was deployed in many countries, and is the basis for future revisions such as 802.16m-2011.Wi MAX is sometimes referred to as "Wi-Fi on steroids" Wi MAX can provide at-home or mobile Internet access across whole cities or countries.

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(The exception to this is where the network is operated by an incumbent with ready access to the copper network.) Wi MAX has more substantial backhaul bandwidth requirements than legacy cellular applications.

Consequently, the use of wireless microwave backhaul is on the rise in North America and existing microwave backhaul links in all regions are being upgraded.

In many cases this has resulted in competition in markets which typically only had access through an existing incumbent DSL (or similar) operator.

Additionally, given the relatively low costs associated with the deployment of a Wi MAX network (in comparison with 3G, HSDPA, x DSL, HFC or FTTx), it is now economically viable to provide last-mile broadband Internet access in remote locations.

Outdoor units are roughly the size of a laptop PC, and their installation is comparable to the installation of a residential satellite dish.