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Before beginning the software upgrade, you may wish to read the following related answers from the Raymarine knowledge base: * Note: C-Series Widescreen MFDs are not subject to the maximum CF memory card capacity recommendations specified in FAQ 1042.San Disk brand CF memory cards having a minimum capacity of 128MB are recommended for use with Raymarine's C-Series Widescreen MFDs when performing software updates.

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The exact name of the PKG files will vary slightly depending on whether the file is intended for using in updating the MFD's application or Internal GPS application, and the software version number, but have a form similar to "Mfdapp4" Mac users, go to the location you extracted the files contained in the ZIP file to.

You should see the same DOB and PKG files as mentioned above.

One of these decals may have been affixed to the record card in your MFD reference manual by the Certified Raymarine Installer.

Additionally, serial numbers for MFDs may be accessed via the product’s user interface.

This procedure WILL erase any of the waypoints, routes and tracks that are currently stored within the MFD.