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Home coloring kits often leave you with one-note, monochromatic color instead of with the varied and subtle tones that professionals impart.

The Refresher Course If you like your haircut and color but you've got that not-so-fresh look, O'Connor advises getting the ends trimmed and focusing on improving your overall texture.

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If you’re trying to figure out how to be a new, slightly updated version of yourself without visits to the hair salon every four weeks, take a look at the eight hair changes you can make below.

Get clip-in bangs: Talk to just about any woman with a pulse about bangs, and the conversation will almost always include the sentence, “I want bangs so badly, but I just don’t know if I would look good in them!

If this sounds familiar, it's official: You're in a hair rut.

Luke O'Connor, owner of Lu Ka Ro Salon in Beverly Hills, is here to help.

I have "salon grade" blow dryer, it dries fast because it's strong basically one setting and a cool blast button, but it's really bad for your hearing. go for a quiet one, you ears and your family/ housemates will appreciate it much!