Updating code explorer tree

We also posted work-arounds for using the Quantum CMS authoring tool in Internet Explorer 9.As of yesterday afternoon we have deployed a longer-term fix until the rendering issues with Internet Explorer 9 and the WYSIWYG editor are corrected.This chapter describes the I/O Registry architecture and the planes the Registry uses to represent relationships between objects.

Instead, it is built at each system boot and resides in memory.

The I/O Registry is made accessible from user space by APIs in the I/O Kit framework.

It is most useful to think of the I/O Registry as a tree: Each object is a node that descends from a parent node and has zero or more child nodes.

The Registry follows the definition of a tree in nearly all respects, with the exception of a small minority of nodes that have more than one parent.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9 for Windows, you may have noticed some oddities in the WYSIWYG editor.

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