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If you still can't connect, you can contact your Internet service provider for help. Your device should automatically connect to the mobile network.

Before you begin: To connect to the mobile network, airplane mode must be turned off.

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Black Berry smartphones sometimes get lost, stolen or broken: it is the awful truth, so making a reliable backup is essential.

But which is the best backup solution: the Black Berry Protect application or good old Black Berry Desktop Manager?

2) Check if the time on your device is correct and synchronized with the network time.

If the time on your device is not sync with network time, your device may not connect to Wi-Fi network (for example, connecting to a network might require that you have a certificate on your device, and the certificate has an expiration date).

The Blackberry Desktop Manager has some features that the Blackberry Protect currently doesn't, it can help with: These options can mean the world to someone who, for example, only wants to transfer data from an old Black Berry to a new phone.