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so I have to disagree with Todd Valentine’s assessment of in fields because the Wayne Style requires a lot of time to build comfort for a same day lay.However my second infield of true blonde took me only 8 minutes to pull, but 10 minutes to get laid.I did that in front of a boot camp student and had it filmed.

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My criticism of Todd Valentine is he does not have as many same day lay infield cuz I do.

he has 11 from an approach to pull in fields and I have 12 right now.

They looked closely at records detailing the geochemistry of shales and igneous rock types from around the world this included more than 48,000 rocks dating back billions of years.

The team found that prior to the great oxidation event continents were composed of rocks low in silica and rich in magnesium and crucially they contained a mineral called olivine.

How Earth’s atmosphere filled with oxygen has remained a mystery for millennia but now it seems the answer has been found in ancient crustal rock.