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Miss Cockburn had headed off on holiday with friends to celebrate graduating with a degree in criminology from Liverpool John Moores University.She had saved wages from a holiday job waitressing, but the chaos at Nat West meant she was unable to access her cash. This should have been a holiday to remember for Casey as reward for years of study.

RBS has promised to restore all missing payments in the next few days.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carefully monitor your account, RBS said it would give cash payments of up to £300 to those who could make it to the bank and prove it was their payday.

Many banks offer cash incentives to switch — but you should only pick an account which suits your needs.

Ask yourself these questions: Despite regular checks and repeated efforts to go online and find out what had happened, she was unable to discover where the money had gone in the system.

All you need to do is find an account you like, fill in an application and transfer form at that bank and provide some proof of identity.