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[vi] Meaningful emotional contact is essential for an aging parent -- even simple gestures, such as having others listen and share words of encouragement can positively influence their morale.

With the vast popularity and presence we're seeing in adult mobile smartphone owners - seven out of ten seniors own a cell phone, mobile video chat can make visual communication possible when adult children live outside the region.

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[i] In other words, while current and future generations decrease in size, they will need to be prepared to care for a larger generation of elderly loved ones in need.

[ii] Since 80 to 90 percent of elderly people would choose to reside in their own homes as long as possible, as opposed to a nursing home or independent care, the new role for elderly caregivers can be challenging.

Also, mobile PERS solutions can take that one step further to strike the perfect balance between care and freedom.

They include things like GPS capability, which could help locate an elderly parent in the event of an accident, automatic fall detection and two-way phone communication, giving new meaning to elderly independence for the healthy aging population as well as those living with chronic conditions. Addressing Emotional Needs Many elderly parents want to demonstrate their ability to continue managing their own lives, but the need for sincere companionship still exists -- even among those living with a spouse.

Feelings of loneliness can have health consequences among the elderly.