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If such features formerly existed they must have lain to the east of the present outcrop.

The Grik tuff may correspond in time with another faunal hiatus, Mid to Late Ordovician in date, recently recognised in the former shelf area, to the west of the auxinites, and to a metamorphic/tectonic event within the Foothills group succession.

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The Baling group extends across the international frontier into Thailand (as the Bannang Sata group) where it evidently attains its maximum development, at least in terms of areal extent, but it has not yet been studied in detail in that country.

The Baling consists of arenite and carbonate of the Papalut quartzite below, and black siliceous argillite, with minor calcareous rocks, of the Kroh formation, above.

Readers today may find it amusing that Britannica’s first edition, published in 1768, says about California that “[i]t is uncertain whether it be a peninsula or an island.” But for the small group of men in Scotland who were responsible for that first edition, this claim was the result of the best research possible at that time with the resources accessible to them.