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Her sparkly companion, Robert Pattinson, receives criticism too but less for reasons that are unknown – perhaps it’s because of how openly he bashes the franchise or because he’s in Harry Potter or people have seen other outings of his and are basing their opinions on more than one film.

What is hard to understand is why this criticism of Kristen Stewart is so commonplace, so ordinary, so definite, when it is blatantly, blatantly so wrong.

Everyone blames HER when the director could’ve stopped it and Stephanie Meyer could’ve written it better and made her less of a crap android.

Instead, let’s look at her other roles shall we and where better to start than one of her earliest real roles.

We all know that the Twilight incarnation is an awful thing that is an insult to anyone and everyone who has seen, or worse, read them and it’s become a bashing topic as did Kristen Stewart.