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And then we're left wondering why we didn't spot the signs of addiction earlier.Knowing these 20 secret signs of addiction can help you prevent that from happening.Outbursts of temper may ensue if someone disturbs the private territory.

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Over time, a higher tolerance to alcohol or drugs leads people with addiction problems to increase the quantity and frequency of their substance of choice without showing signs of being out of control.

You might notice that someone refills his or her glass more often than anyone else or is always the one to suggest opening another bottle of wine.

"A definite sign of abuse is when people put vodka in their thermos and mix it with their morning coffee," says Neil Capretto, medical director of Gateway Rehabilitation Center in Pittsburgh.

If someone you love switches from a previous drink of choice to vodka, it's cause for alarm.

You may notice that the person is oddly protective of certain rooms or areas of the house or garage, insisting that they be kept private, says physician John Massella, regional program director of Gateway Rehabilitation Center in Pittsburgh.