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Once you’ve removed all of your exposed clothing, be sure to promptly shower and perform a “tick check.” Using a hand-held or full length mirror, review all parts of your body, especially these spots: Ticks inherently know to crawl upward until they find thinner areas of skin to bite, such as the groin, behind the knees, the neck, and head.

Because children frequently lay, roll, and play on the ground, they have a higher risk of encountering a tick.

Mosquitoes and ticks are notorious in Saskatchewan.

Instead of being forced inside by uninvited guests , let our team of experts take care of it!

While most animals can carry ticks, white-footed mice host a bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

When a tick feeds on mouse blood, the tick acquires Lyme disease and can then pass it along to other animals or humans.

To get the most protection possible, it’s important to turn your pants and shorts inside out and spray that surface first and then spray the entire outside surface.