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that shows what his or her character is like| 3 stand, response |an opinion that you state publicly| He was drenched by the rain 2 take a shower (He bathed, pour­ing water over himself) 3 bathe (of roy­alty).

-menyiram: v /intr/tr/ 1 water |to pour water on a plant or seeds in the ground to help them grow| /frm/lu/ 1 scale |the small flat pieces of hard skin which cover the bodies of animal such as reptiles , fish, etc| 2 turtle shell, esp. 3 outer dry skin of a tree 4 the upper layer of the soil.

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Therefore if we interpret such Indonesian sentence into English sentence, we need to add something (similar to pseudo subject) as the subject of the sentence.

It mean that this sentence means “Something is upsetting my stomach” mules: variant of mulas.

of a vehicle is built| 4 kerangka dasar: mainframe |the main structure that supports a large thing such as a building or vehicle| 5 kerangka kerja: framework |a set of rules, beliefs, knowledge etc.

that people use when making a decision or planning something| .

So use “mereka” as a subject pronoun (they), object pronoun (them), possessive adjective pronoun (their), possessive pronoun (theirs), reflexive pronoun (themselves). merem: /frm/lu/ 1 pulpit, rostrum |speaker’s platform or a structure like a tall box at the front of a hall, from which someone speaks| 2 special column from the editor to the readers of a printed media| mimik1: Ask her to come tomorrow.