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E.g."I've been single for 6 months now, so have spent some time with Rosie palm and her five sisters." Cf.

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The two forge an unlikely and devoted alliance with a loyalty to one another that her household and inner circle all attempt to destroy.

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You should try buying clothes from the market." Noun.

Sexual intercourse between at least two males and a female, although it could involve all males, in what may have traditionally being called an orgy.

Option to sell: Coins, Jewellery & Watches, stamps, antiques, bank notes, postcards, medals & militaria, pre 1900 documents, books & maps, pre 19060 sports programmes & tickets, gold& silver.

More details: 01473 627110 A mystery thriller based on the 1952 novel by Daphne Du Maurier.

E.g."Own up, who's roached the cover of my new Iain Banks novel." Noun.