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Of the six spanking scenes, four were also photographed for possible use in publicity material, and this was one of them. When Bob starts work, she loses no time in telling him that, according to the Squire, his wife ‘could do with a good spanking’.

In the event, this was the only spanking photo to be included in the movie’s pressbook (advising exhibitors on how to publicize it), and the film poster is notable for the complete absence of spanking: The weirdly inept poster for the US release was even less communicative about this recurring element of the film’s appeal… whereas the shower scene was illustrated for the benefit of prospective Belgian filmgoers, only with a slight amendment: Yes, the young, attractive Barry Stokes has taken over spanking duties from the (ahem) less young, less attractive Bob Todd! In case you want to judge for yourselves, here is Bob’s wife: She’s played by Penny Meredith, who is another of the film’s unspanked actresses: the Squire never catches up with her.

Two of them have clear reasons for being spanked: one is the Squire’s wife, and he’s a regular client of the other, who is a professional lady.

The third girl’s motivation, as we’ll see, is a little less clear.

What it also means is that – since we aren’t dealing with an oldfashioned squire exercising droit de seigneur over the village wives’ bottoms – only a small group of girls get spanked …